Cultural Quirks

While I’ve found people are generally the same no matter where you go, India certainly has some major cultural differences that take some getting used to. Here’s a list of the most common and curious quirks I’ve experienced: People will say “coming” when they are, in fact, leaving. You can always tell a woman is… Continue reading Cultural Quirks

India’s Wild Menagerie

India has a penchant for animals, evidenced by the freely roaming packs of cows, street dogs, water buffalo, goats, and monkeys. The animals do as they please and the world works around them. Occasionally you will see a cat dozing lazily on top of wares sold near the street, or the odd cow wandering into… Continue reading India’s Wild Menagerie

A Hindu Engagement

Shrey’s parents had planned our engagement party 3 days after I arrived, so there was little time to rest! We spent hours roaming the markets looking for a lehenga (fancy Indian dress), rings, and bangles. I didn’t feel comfortable being the center of so much attention and lavish gifts, but I realized there was no… Continue reading A Hindu Engagement

From Plane to Train

After greeting my future husband, his brother, sister, and some of his cousins, we booked train tickets to my new hometown. I’d ridden trains in Europe, but it was nothing like the train in India! There are several classes, designated by tiers in the sleeper classes, with or without air conditioning, as well as compartments… Continue reading From Plane to Train

Moving to India for Love

I married a stranger. We met on social media. He had made a post in a group I was in asking for more vegan friends. One look at his photo and I was immediately drawn to the gentleness in his eyes…there was something different about him I couldn’t put my finger on but I knew… Continue reading Moving to India for Love